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Neurology is a medical science which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all disease involving the central and peripheral nervous systems


Cardiology is a medical specialty concerned with disorders of the heart including Heart failure or Congenital Heart defects, Valvular Heart and more


It focuses on surgery on, or manipulation of, the musculoskeletal system. Germany is known for its best Orthopedic Surgeons


Dermatology involves the study, research, diagnosis, and management of any health conditions that may affect the skin, fat hair, nails, and membranes.


Radiology, also known as Diagnostic Imaging, is essential to the diagnosis of many diseases using various Imaging technology, particularly cancer.

What we do?

World-class Medical Care

Delivering the highest quality of Medical treatment services for International patients in Germany

Inter Medical Assistance is one among the very few Medical Tourism companies based in Germany. We offer comprehensive medical service packages that will fulfill your medical requirements.

Who We Are

Help patients from all over the world to get best Medical treatment in Germany

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Why Germany

Offers great Hospitals, Hi-tech Diagnostic centres and highly skilled Doctors

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Second Opinion

Make a wiser decision based on the second opinion from medical specialists

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Our team of professionals will be happy to discuss your medical requirements

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World Class Treatment

It’s our utmost priority to make sure that our guests get world-class treatment from top hospitals & specialists in Germany.


24 / 7 Support

Our team of professionals are available 24X7 to provide you with best medical counselling and treatment suggestions.


Assured Medical Visa

When it comes to getting a Medical Visa, our team will take care of it efficiently & also provide emergency Medical Visa as well.

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We're an ISO certified company and a trusted provider for the best medical treatments in Germany

Medical Facilities

We connect you with some of the best medical centers in Germany

Care With Love

Get any medical treatment from world-class doctors and most experienced surgeons

Qualified Doctors

Our team of professionals take care of your Medical Visa ensuring you a hassle-free process.

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Inter Medical Assistance

It is our utmost priority to ensure that the patients get world class treatment from the best doctors in Germany in exchange for their hard-earned money.



Our objective is to help patients get the best medical treatments available without wasting a single minute.

Through our Air Ambulance services, we’ve been helping patients from all over the world including Asia, Middle East, Africa, Canada and USA by transporting them to the hospitals in Germany.

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