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To apply for Medical Visa has never been so convenient before

Oftentimes, acquiring a VISA is the most daunting and time consuming task for medical tourists who plan to come to Germany for their medical treatments. At Inter Medical Assistance , we will take care of your VISA needs from applying on your behalf to actually obtaining your Medical VISA.

We hold a good amount of experience in assisting international patients apply for a medical visa in Germany. Our team provides VISA support in English, German and Arabic. Every VISA application is unique, may require a different set of documents (depending upon your country of origin) which is why we carefully assess every application carefully ensuring 100% acceptance rate for Medical VISA.

Types of Medical VISA in Germany

A Germany Medical Visa is a permit that allows its holder to enter Germany under the purpose of seeking and receiving medical treatment. There are basically 2 types of Medical VISA:

National Medical visa

On the other side, if you need a treatment that takes more than three months to receive in Germany, you may have to obtain a National Medical visa

Schengen Medical visa

If you need to enter Germany for a medical treatment that takes less than three months to receive, then you may have to obtain a Schengen Medical visa to Germany.

Emergency Medical Visa Assistance

A German embassy usually takes from 10 to 15 days to process a visa application. Delays may happen at times when the embassy is accepting a lot of applications. However, if your health condition has suddenly worsened, and you urgently need a visa, Inter Medical Assistance team will also help you get an Emergency Medical Visa as well.

01. Documents required for Medical Visa in Germany

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02. Can German VISA be extended?
03. Who Doesn’t Need a Short-Stay Germany Visa?

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