Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common quesitions asked in relation to Medical Treatment in Germany

01. How can I obtain an estimate of the cost of treatment?
02. Does Inter Medical Assistance provide an Airport pick-up facility upon arrival in Germany?
03. Will assistance be provided by Inter Medical Assistance in obtaining a Medical Visa?
04. Is it possible for my family members/ attendant travelling along with me for my treatment to obtain Medical Visas?
05. How long is a medical visa valid for?
06. If my treatment is being prolonged, would I be provided assistance with extension of my visa?
07. Would I be assisted with an interpreter during my stay?
08. Will arrangements be made to fulfil my religious obligations?
09. Can I travel immediately after treatment?
10. What are the acceptable modes of payment?
11. What makes Inter Medical Assistance a better choice?
12. Why is Germany the best option for Medical Tourism?
13. What exactly is Medical Tourism or Health Tourism?
14. How do I make travel / visa arrangements?
15. Will I be able to speak to the surgeon prior to traveling to Germany?
16. What information would I need to provide?
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