Plan your Medical Trip to Germany

Germany is one of the preferred destinations for many medical travellers across the world. A lot of patients from all over the world travel to Germany for various types of medical treatments.

Inter Medical Assistance has been assisting international patients since the year 2011. We have assisted them at every step to get better service, care and save money. If you want to travel to Germany for any medical requirement then all you need to do is GET IN TOUCH with us!

Connect with us

The first step is getting in touch with us. We have developed a secure online portal for the convenience of International patients. Simply Login to our website , share your medical requirements and upload your documents. Be assured all your information will be kept confidential and only be shared with the concerned medical staff at the hospitals in Germany.

You can also give us a call at +49-711-7823305 or tap the Whatsapp icon on our website for instant chat support.

Treatment Packages

Costs can be a deciding factor when you avail treatment overseas. At Inter Medical Assistance, we believe in honesty and transparent approach. Once you share your medical requirements with our team, we provide you with the total approximate cost for your medical trip to Germany.

Airport Pickup

Trying to figure out a cab service after a long flight can be daunting. This problem is more acute when you land in a country where language is a barrier. But when you book a treatment through Inter Medical Assistance, you won’t ever have to worry about booking a cab as long as you stay in Germany.

Hospitalization and Treatment

In order to provide you a seamless experience, we keep everything ready in advance - including your appointment with doctors and physicians. Also, when it comes to getting admitted in the hospital or discharge from the hospital - our team will take care of it all well in advance.

We at Inter Medical Assistance understand the felt and unfelt needs of medical travellers and ensure all their needs are taken care of in a professional and friendly manner.